Axure RP 10 Full Course: Tutorial, Tips and Templates


Axure is currently the best interaction design and UX design tool on the market. At present, most of the world's Internet/tech giants are using it. Mastering how to use Axure is a necessary skill for an excellent interaction designer and UX Designer / product manager.

At present, there are many tutorials on how to use Axure. However, there are few systematic tutorials to introduce it, especially through images and texts combined with cases. Generally, they focus on the introduction of its basic software features, and most of them are videos. 

The disadvantage of video courses is that it is not easy to browse, especially when there are too many contents, and the video loading time is long. The advantage of the article is that you can view its structure and quickly locate the required content.

In order to let everyone thoroughly master the usage of Axure, I launched this free course. It can be used not only as tutorials, but also as guides and tips, with templates for everyone to download. I hope you like it.

The following is the basic structure of the course.

Course structure diagram


1.Axure Basic


1.1.1.Why Should You Use Axure to Design Products and Prototypes?

1.1.2.Axure Tutorial: Download Axure RP and Buy License.


3.1.Axure Tutorial: Widget Library Settings.

3.2.Axure Tutorial: Widget Styling.

3.3.Axure Tutorial: Use Widget Style Manager to Apply Typography, Color Palette and Shadows.

3.4.Axure Tutorial: Add Interactions to Widget.

3.5.Axure Tutorial: Add Notes to Widget.

3.6.Axure Tutorial: Manipulate Widgets.

3.7.Axure Tutorial: Widget Group.

3.8.Axure Tips: Global Properties to Improve Efficiency (Color, Text, Elevation, Guide).

3.9.Axure Tutorial: Copy & Paste and Format Painter.

3.9.Common Widgets

3.9.1.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Shape.

3.9.2.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Image.

3.9.3.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Line and Arrow.

3.9.4.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Dynamic Panel.

3.9.5.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Hot Spot.

3.9.6.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Snapshot.

3.9.7.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Text Field & Text Area.

3.9.8.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Droplist.

3.9.9.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Checkbox.

3.9.10.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Radio Button.

3.9.11.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Tree.

3.9.12.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Table.

3.9.13.Axure Tutorial: Common Widgets - Classic Horizontal Menu and Classic Vertical Menu.


3.10.1.Axure Tutorial: Advanced Widgets - Repeater Basic.

3.10.2.Axure Tutorial: Advanced Widgets - Repeater Interactions.

3.10.3.Axure Tutorial: Repeaters - Dynamically Adding and Deleting Repeater Rows.

3.10.4.Axure Tutorial: Repeaters - Marking and Unmarking Rows.

3.10.5.Axure Tutorial: Repeaters - Filtering Rows.

3.10.6.Axure Tutorial: Repeaters - Pagination.

3.10.7.Axure Case: Make Tag Inputer and Tag Selector with Repeater.

3.10.8.Axure Case: Multi-Selection Dropdown - Repeater Advanced Tutorial.

3.10.9.Axure Case: Making a Table that Can Merge Cells with Repeater.

3.10.10.Axure Case: Data Transfer Across Pages with Repeater.

3.11.Flow Diagram

3.11.1.Axure Tutorial: Flow Diagram.

3.11.2.Axure Tutorial: Flow Connectors.


4.1.Axure Tutorial: Components.

4.2.Axure Case: Make Cards with Components and Dynamic Panel.



5.1.1.Axure Tutorial: Actions List - Axure Interactive Template.

5.1.2.Axure Tutorial: Events List - Axure Interactive Template.


Axure Tutorial: Functions Self-Check Table (Full Guide).


5.3.1.Axure Case: Make Interactive Presentation (PPT/Keynote) with Axure RP.

5.3.2.Axure Case: Make Autoplay Interactive Presentation (PPT/Keynote) with Axure RP.

5.3.3.Axure Case: Make Interactive App Nav Frame.

5.3.4.Axure Case: Make Interactive Mobile App with Only a Canvas.

6.Publish Prototype 

6.1.Axure Tutorial: Publish Prototype.

7.Team Project

7.1.Axure Tutorial: Team Project and Team Library.

8.Backups and Versions

8.1.Axure Tutorial: Backups and Team Project Versions.


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