Axure Tutorial: Flow Connectors


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Most widgets can be connected using connectors. Such as shapes, images, snapshots. 


Connector Points 

Most widgets have connect points, which are used as anchors for connectors.

To edit connector points, right-click the widget and select Edit Connector Points, and you can drag them.



Routing Connectors 

Reshape Connectors

By default, connectors follow the shortest path between the two connector points, but you can manually drag the path of the segments.

Drage to reshape connector


Change Route Type 

Click the Route Type of the Style pane to change it.

There are 4 types in total:

  • Sharp Turns (default)
  • Rounded Turns
  • Straight
  • Curve


Styling Lines 

You can change the pattern or arrow style of lines. With connect selected, click the button on the Style toolbar to select.


Add or Edit Text 

Double-click the connector, or select the connector and press Enter key to enter text.

That's all for today's lesson. Next lesson we will introduce how to publish prototype.

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