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After your design is completed, you need to preview the design effect or share it with others. You need to publish your project.


In the design process, we often use the preview function. The preview function generates a temporary prototype. You can view the effect of the design for modification or finalization.

To preview the prototype, you can click the Preview button on the toolbar, or use the shortcut key (Command/Ctrl+.)

Preview Settings 

Click Publish > Preview Options... in the menu bar to enter Preview settings.


In Preview Options, you can choose use which browser (Installed in your computer) and player to open.

Publish Locally 

If you want to publish and save prototype locally, you can use this feature.

Click the Share button on the toolbar or use the menu Publish > Generate HTML Files... to open the Publish Project window.

In the Publish Project window, select Publish Locally, and then select the local path to save the published prototype to the specified location.

Document Type Settings

You can choose the type of document to publish, it can be HTML prototype, Word, CSV or printed image.

In general, we only need HTML documents, which are enough for product design and development, and other types are not very practical.

Publish to HTML doc


Document Content Settings

Pages: Pages to publish. You can select Publish all pages to publish all pages, or publish specific pages.

Notes: Notes settings for published documents.

Interactions: You can choose how the cases are displayed, and the settings of the referencing page.

Fonts: You can load text from the internet, via Link to .css or via @font-face. Click +Add Font, then fill in Font Label and URL of CSS file.

Font Mapping: If you use a font that is not commonly used, you can map one text type to another in order to display the frequently used text you specify on the user's computer.


After the setting is complete, click Publish Locally to publish the prototype to the local computer.

Publish to Axure Cloud 

If you have created and logged in to an Axure account, you can publish to Axure Cloud.

Choose Publish to Axure Cloud, and then choose the folder path to publish. You can choose whether to require Access code for shareable link, if yes, enter the Access Code.

Click the Publish button to publish to Axure Cloud.

That's all for today's lesson. Next lesson we will introduce prototype player.

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Well Joe @AxureBoutique, a technical writer and teacher, focuses on Axure prototype design and product design. 

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