Axure Tutorials & Tips

Axure Tutorial - Drag to Move Map
Introduction In the visual prototype, the map is a commonly used component, so today I will teach you how to create a prototype template for dragging to move a map. Generally speaking, most people directly call charts like Google Map Map. The disadvantage of...
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Axure Tutorial: How to Make 3D Motion?
Introduction In the earlier articles, I said there was no interaction that I couldn't do, so a student messaged me and said, teacher, can you achieve this 3D effect? I originally wanted to refute her, this is 2D software, but in a fit of...
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Axure Tutorial: Styling Pages
Introduction This article is a part of course Axure Full Course: Tutorial, Tips and Templates.  Styling Pages Page stying is mainly achieved through the Style Toolbar at the top of the screen or the Style pane on the right side of the screen....
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