Frequently Asked Questions


If you use it for yourself or only for one person, please buy an individual license. If you use it for no more than 5 people, please buy an agency license. If you use it for more than 5 people, please buy an enterprise license.

Generally speaking, you need 9 or up version of Axure RP. Requirements are listed on each product detail page.

Yes. We are happy to help educational institutions and students.Please send an email to us through the school's email account.Please tell us who you are and what products you need.


Email the author directly. On the product page, click the author's Avatar to find the author's email address. If it is the work of provided by AxureBoutique, please email us directly.

You can email us directly and we can help you contact the author.

If you buy our products. You can download an updated version of this product directly on the product download page.


Yes. If you need a receipt or invoice, please send it to


No, you can't. The copyright of this product belongs to the author.