Axure Tutorials & Tips

Axure Full Course: Tutorial, Tips and Templates
Preface Axure is currently the best interaction design and UX design tool on the market. At present, most of the world's Internet/tech giants are using it. Mastering how to use Axure is a necessary skill for an excellent interaction designer and UX...
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Axure Tutorial: Making Common Animation Template
Introduction As we all know, Axure has built-in common animations, which can be used in the show / hide of widgets and move actions. These animations can attract users' attention and show interaction feedback. Today, we will learn how to make commonly used animations,...
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Axure Tips: 7 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Axure
Introduction The process of learning software is far more valuable than the process of using it. Generally speaking, regardless of dynamic interaction or text interaction, such as text field, radio, dropdown, etc., the production of product prototypes, including PRD documents,...
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