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Although Axure RP's built-in Table has certain limitations in terms of interaction and flexibility, it basically meets common needs.

Inserting, Deleting a Row or a Column

To insert or delete a column or row, right-click on the Cell, and then select Options from the pop-up menu.

Interacting with Table cell

You cannot directly interact with multiple cells, you can only interact with one cell. Each cell can set its interaction events

Select a cell and set its interaction events.

Resizing Cell(s)

Resizing Individual Cell 

If you want to resize the size of a cell, drag the edges of the cell, or directly enter its value in the W or H style property box.

Resizing Multiple Cells 

If you want to resize multiple cells at once, select them and enter their values ​​in the W or H style property box.

Resize multiple cells via the W or H style property box

Note: You can't drag the entire Table or all Cells directly, because this will only change the cells of the bottom row (this may be a bug).


Merge Cells

You cannot merge cells directly by manipulating it, you can only simulate the effect of merging cells by overlaying rectangles on the table cells.

Row Style Effects

You can't directly set the mouse enter and other style effects through the style effects of the cells, you can cover a semi-transparent rectangle on the row and set style effects to it to simulate.


Image Import

You can't directly import an image into a cell, you can overlay an image on the cell to simulate this effect.

That's all for today's lesson.In the following lessons we will continue to introduce commonly used widgets.

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