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What is a Business Flowchart?
A business flow chart is a kind of chart that product managers, especially Business product managers, often need to draw. Business flow chart is a kind of sorting and summary of the business itself. Only by drawing a high-quality business...
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How to Draw a Business Flowchart?
Product managers and UX designers often need to draw business flow charts in their daily work. With business flow charts, the overall business sorting will be clearer and work efficiency will be improved; this article mainly summarizes the specific process...
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Business product prototyping Tips
Have you ever been criticized for not considering the plan well during the review of the plan? If you want to pick an embarrassing moment for a product manager, it must be counted as one that was criticized by developer and operator at...
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How to Make an Excellent Prototype
Introduction Prototypes serve as the source of content for PRD, as well as the basis for the entire product design. Product managers use prototypes to visualize (prototypes) documents such as flowcharts and structural diagrams that they organize when thinking about...
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Backend Design Summary
The back-end system is mainly divided into several types: managing people, managing affairs, and managing things. There are two types of systems managing people, internal and external. External systems include CRM (customer service management system) and internal attendance systems; Managing affairs, in short,...
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