Axure Tips: Global Properties to Improve Efficiency (Color, Text, Elevation, Guide)


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We all know that a set of interface design has its global attributes, such as color, typography, layout. So, how to set these properties in Axure to improve design efficiency and design consistency?

Set Color

Generally speaking, a set of UI design system has its palette. For example, Material Design, Bootstrap 5, Ionic.

We can add all its colors to the favorites of the Axure color panel. In this way, the next time we need to color the specified widget, we can use it directly.

Set Text

Similarly, we can use the global property feature of Axure to set the global property for all texts.

For example, we select H1 in Bootstrap Widget Library.

After setting all the text in the typography as the global properties, we can quickly apply the style to the specified widget in the later design.


Set Elevation

Some design systems, such as Material Design, are elevation differentiated . For example, the elevation of a pop-up is greater than that of a card. The system of Material Design also provides the elevation component of each control. We can use them with Axure library.

Set Guide

Nowadays, the use of grid and column is very common. Both the system's own guild and custom guide can be easily realized through Axure.

The above are the global settings commonly used in Axure. If you have any questions and suggestions, please leave a message.

Next time I will introduce how to quickly use custom animation. Please look forward to it.


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