Axure Tutorials & Tips

Axure Tutorial: Make Text Counter of Text Area
Introduction We know that the text field of the [Number] type can limit the maximum length of the input text. It is usually used in phone numbers. Unfortunately, multi line text field have no type difference and no maximum length limit. Finally, you...
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Axure Tutorial: Make Slider with Dynamic Panel
Introduction Sliders are commonly used form controls. Today we will learn how to quickly make a slider through dynamic panels. Widgets Setup Make track through a rectangle and knob through a circle. Because knob needs to be dragged, make it a...
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Axure Tutorial: Top Menu Bar
Introduction When mouse enter the menu, the sub-menu is shown, and when the mouse leave, the sub-menu is automatically hidden. This kind of interaction is believed to be an interaction that is often used when making prototypes. Widgets Setup 1....
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