Axure Tutorial: Copy & Paste and Format Painter


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The Copy & Paste function in Axure RP 10 is very easy to use and can quickly copy the style of one widget to another. You can also paste a copied widget as a image, text, or table.

With Format Painter, you can more accurately control the style of widgets to be pasted.

Copy & Paste

Right click to select a widget, and then select the Copy menu item, or directly use Ctrl (Command)+C to copy all property of a widget.

Then select another widget and select Paste Special > Paste Style to paste the copy style

In this way, one widget style can be quickly copied to another widget.


Paste to Replace: If you select this option, you will paste a widget with the same properties (Replace it).

Other Options

Paste as Plain Text: If you copy a widget then select the text in another widget, selecting this option will paste the copied widget text without pasting its style.

Paste as Image: Selecting this option will paste the copied widget as an Image.

Paste as Table: If you choose to copy the text in the widget, you can paste it as table and fill in the text of a cell. 


Format Painter 

In addition to directly copying and pasting all styles, you can also use Format Painter to precisely control the styles that need pasting.

Select Edit > Format Painter in the menu bar to open Format Painter.


After opening the Format Painter, you can manipulate the widgets and styles that need copy and paste in the window.


By using the Copy & Paste function and Format Painter, you can speed up the design efficiency. 

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