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By default, Repeater is not paginated, and all data is displayed on the interface in a horizontal, vertical or grid manner.

This may take up too much space, in which case we can paginate the repeater.

Paginate the Repeater

In the Style pane, check Paginate, then set Items per Page and Starting Page. As shown in below image. There are a total of 9 rows, we set Items per Page to 3, then it has 3 pages.

Change the Current Page 

To change the current page, add Set Current Page action, then you can choose Value, Previous, Next or Last.

Change to the specific page

If you choose Value, you can fill in the specific page.

As shown in the image above, click the button to jump to the first page.


Change to the previous, next or last page

If you want to change to previous, next, or last page, just set it in Page.

That's all for today's lesson. Next lesson we will introduce flow diagrams.

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