High-Level Web Widget Library (Components, Templates, Stats, Modules and Apps)

High-Level Web Widget Library (Components, Templates, Stats, Modules and Apps)

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This product is the web (Desktop) end of the high level web widget library, and the mobile end can be viewed here.

All components and templates are with dynamic interactions, which are smooth and aesthetic. They can be copied into your project with one click to help you save time.

At present, there are 5 parts (Components, Templates, Statistics, Modules and Apps). The web icons widget library is also included. The original contents are continuously updated and permanently free!

Many years of product manager, delivering high-quality prototypes with product thinking.


V 2.1.3 update (2022-06-07):
· New: Industrial Templates-CRM;
· Fix: some interactive bugs fed back by users;

V 2.1.2 update ( 2021-10-11):
· New: customer classification and category pages;
· Fix: some interactive bugs fed back by users;

V 2.1.1 update ( 2021-08-17):
· New: summarize common web icons;
· Fix: some interactive bugs fed back by users;

V 2.1.0 update( 2021-07-19):
· New: CRM module iteration: CRM common features, introduction page, customer list page;

V 2.0.7 update ( 2021-05-10):
· New: discount code, fission coupon, group purchasing list page;
· Fix: optimize some display problems;

V 2.0.6 update( 2021-04-06):
· New: notification push (SMS push), new mass sending and recharge records;

V 2.0.5 update ( 2021-03-01):
· New: discount (list page) and discount code;
· Fix: optimize some display problems;

V 2.0.4 update ( 2021-01-03):
· Add: time limited discount (list page), coupon (list page, stats data page);

V 2.0.3 update (2020-11-10):
· New: WHEEL OF FORTUNE and calendar check-in module;

V 2.0.2 update (2020-09-08):
· New: Member recharging module, membership card module;

V 2.0.1 update (2020-08-13):
· New: fission coupon module and group purchasing module;

V 2.0.0 update (2020-08-13):
· New: time limited discount, coupon, discount business template;
· In short: innovation is service, we provides not only widget library, but also product concept output;

V 1.4.3 update (2020-07-28):
· New: new retail industry data template: member and fan management, fission and KOC, product dynamic sales and category management;
· Fix: fix some compatible bugs;

V 1.4.2 update(2020-06-28):
· New: image preview component (including 4 types);
· Iteration: E-commerce filtering cases (Supplement 2 types);
· Fix: fix some bugs;

V 1.4.1 update (2020-06-09):
· New: E-commerce filtering case template; Navigation style catalog;

V 1.4.0 update (2020-06-02):
· New: navigation framework (4 types);
· Iteration: date selector, button, form and input box;
· Optimization: presentation content layout structure;

V 1.3.1 update (2020-05-26):
· Add: package service case template; Editor case template;

V 1.3.0 update (2020-05-18):
· New: education industry stats; Shortcut menu template;
· Iteration: online customer service template;
· Optimization: logo; Folding panel;

V 1.2.0 update (2020-05-11):
· New: Data stats template (e-commerce), registration case template, online customer service template;
· Iteration: login case template;
· Optimization: tab;

V 1.1.0 update (2020-05-09):
· New: presentation home, login case template, verification code verification template, help center page;
· Optimization: presentation frame structure;
· Fix: page adaptive response problem;

V 1.0.1 update (2020-05-07):
· Add: image, anchor, text ellipse element, e-commerce category nav case, update log page;
· Iteration: automatically complete components and cascade selector components;
· Optimization: presentation frame structure, select control interaction;
· Fix: compatibility problem of some components of MAC and windows;

V 1.0.1 update (2020-05-05):

Introduction: on the basis of providing convenient widget library, it will integrate practical cases with many years of product manager experience to improve product quality, experience and innovative content.

Author: 8 + years of product manager experience, welcome to chat.

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Desktop, Widget Library, Templates
Download Includes

· High-Level Web Widget Library Demo(.rp)
· High-Level Web Widget Library(.rplib)
· High-Level Web Icons(.rplib)

Pages 146
File Size 33.2 MB

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1. Widget library
Pixel-perfect components with smooth interaction, including common desktop components, are very convenient for you to build desktop applications.


2. Templates 
Including common templates, such as Login & Register, Verification Code Verification, E-Commerce and Common Templates, which are very useful to build app pages.



3. Stats
Including statistical charts of e-commerce, education and retail industries.

4. Modules
Including Common Marketing tools, Customer Maintenance Tools, which greatly saves your designing time.

5. Apps
Currently, CRM app are included, and new apps will be added in the future.


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