Why Should You Use Axure to Design Products and Prototypes?

Why should you prototype?

Axure is an excellent prototyping tool. Prototype design enables people to quickly understand product requirements and architecture, let users quickly test and get feedback, guide subsequent UI design and coding.

Other benefits include:

  1. Simulate the functioning of the real product
  2. Can show to stakeholders
  3. Allow users to test
  4. Can accurately transfer requirements and specifications to the public

In short, it can save you a lot of time and money.

Prototype design stage

Generally speaking, most Internet or tech companies will have a prototype design stage to determine requirements before UI/UX designing and coding. If the product needs to be adjusted after development, it will cost more than confirming at the beginning.

Regular design and development process

The whole design and development process is generally like this: User Research > Product requirements confirmation > Prototype Design > UI Design > coding > product launching, and then go through many iteration and version update stages. Among them, the prototyping plays a vital role.

Why should you use Axure?

It is the best prototyping tool at present, which can be seen from its versions. Axure current version is 10. Which prototyping tool has so many versions? Axure has a history of nearly 20 years and has stood the test of time.

Axure has been used by most large Internet & tech companies.

Why not use UI design tool or use code to make prototypes?

For efficiency. It will take a lot of time to implement the prototype through UI design or coding. Each method has its applicable scenarios. UI design is used for the final effect of the product interface and involves many details. In the prototype design phase, we don't need so many details, because the prototype will be constantly adjusted. Using UI design tools to design prototypes will take a lot of time. The same goes for coding. They are best started after the prototyping is completed.

Axure has a wide range of application scenarios

Low-fidelity wireframe


High-fidelity prototype

From making low-fidelity wireframes to making high-fidelity interactive prototypes, Axure is competent. It combines the advantages of and UI/UX design. If you want to quickly design and confirm the product architecture, low-fidelity wireframes and flow charts can meet your needs. If you want to be pixel-perfect and make motion effect, you can also use Axure to achieve it.

Whether the whole project is completed by one person or by a team, you can start quickly. Axure can make team projects. Members of a team can work together to complete different parts of a project, and maintain the consistency of the project through the check in and check out features.

Rich ecosystem and support

For a software to become an excellent product, a rich ecosystem and supports are essential.

Axure has a rich ecosystem and supports. In addition to the official website, there is also comprehensive website support such as AxureBoutique. AxureBoutique not only provides Axure Tutorial, but also provides Axure libraries, Axure templates and other product downloads, and recently opened a community, which can quickly solve your problems.

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