Dynamic Big Data BI Visualization Prototype (Templates + Dynamic Controls + Charts)

Dynamic Big Data BI Visualization Prototype (Templates + Dynamic Controls + Charts)

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Unlock the power of big data with our BI visualization prototype template! From dynamic controls to stunning charts, our solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating impactful big data dashboards. Elevate your projects with large-screen support, seamless sub-system selection, and a unified style chart collection. Experience the future of data visualization today!

The product includes:

Big data cockpit template, large-size screen, project cases, sub-system selection page, big data controls (numbers, icons, components, annotations, windows and pop-ups (static and dynamic large pop-ups), progress bars, buttons, labels, tech-style subtitles, tech-style lines, illustrations, statistical charts (line charts, bar charts (3D bar charts), pie charts, (3D pie charts), ring charts (3D ring charts), rose diagrams, radar charts, gauge charts (electronic gauge charts), funnel charts (3D funnel charts), scatter plots (3D scatter plots), bubble charts, area charts (3D area charts), water ball charts), unified style chart collection, login interface template, small samples, overall page layout, cloud tags, timeline, avatars, tech-style lines, loading pages, flowcharts, error page prompts, large title styles, small title styles, large title with label styles, mobile data display."

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Mobile & Desktop, Widget Library
Download Includes
· High-Level Visual Chart V1.0 demo (.rp)
· High-Level Visual Chart V1.0 widget library (.rplib)

Pages 30
File Size 202 MB

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