Axure Tutorial: Advanced Widgets - Repeater Interactions


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Repeater is the widget with the most complex interaction among all widgets in Axure RP.

You can use it to create a variety of high-fidelity interactive prototypes. For example, data adding, deleting, searching, paging, etc of forms.

Interaction Events

Repeater events include: Loaded, Item Loaded and Item Resized.

Loaded is an event that is triggered when the entire repeater is loaded.

Item Loaded is an event that is triggered when each item of the repeater is loaded. How many rows are there in the dataset, how many times the item loaded will be triggered, and the data will be loaded in rows from top to bottom.

And Item Resized is an event triggered when the Item size changes.(Only when Fit to Content is checked in style pane)

Event Actions about Repeater

In Axure Tutorial: Actions List - Axure Interactive Template we covered all actions including repeater actions.


Dataset Objects and Properties

Item and TargetItem

In expressions, Item is used to represent rows in the dataset, and is often used for conditional judgment or actions when Item Loaded.

The properties of TargetItem are the same as Item. The difference is that TargetItem is used to represent the Item when the repeater is designated as the target object. 

TargetItem is often used for widget actions outside the target repeater.

Delete the row where the target repeater First_Name column is Bob


In the expression, Repeater refers to the repeater's dataset object.

There are 3 usage scenarios:

1. Used in the event of the repeater. For example, at the Repeater's Loaded event, you can directly use This to represent Repeater.


2. When working with the widgets of the Item in the repeater, you can use Item.Repeater to represent Repeater.


3. When using widget outside a repeater to operate the repeater, variable can be used to represent the Repeater.

Other Properties

1. Apply Mouse Style Effects on All Widgets in Repeater Item

If this item is not checked, when the mouse enters the repeater Item, the mouse Style Effects of the untouched widgets will not be triggered.

2. Isolate Radio Group or Isolate Selection Groups

If Radio Group or Selection Group are set in the widgets of Repeater Item, check this option to isolate different items.

That's all for today's lesson. Next lesson we will introduce how to add and delete repeater rows.

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