Axure Tutorials & Tips

Axure Tutorial: Top Menu Bar
Introduction When mouse enter the menu, the sub-menu is shown, and when the mouse leave, the sub-menu is automatically hidden. This kind of interaction is believed to be an interaction that is often used when making prototypes. Widgets Setup 1....
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Axure Tutorial: Make Sign In Prototype
Introduction The Sign In interface is the interface we have met in almost all websites. Today, let's learn how to make a basic Sign In interface.  Features to be Realized 1. If no username or password is entered, click the SIGN IN button to hint the...
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Axure Tutorial: Emulates Numeric Keypad Input
Introduction In many cases, virtual digital keyboard will appear, and learning to simulate digital keyboard input is a great bonus for a high-fidelity demo.  Widgets Setup The 12 rectangular are as follows: A text field to display the entered number: Interactions Setup...
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