Axure Tutorials & Tips

Axure Tutorial: Widget Library Settings
Introduction This article is a part of course Axure Full Course: Tutorial, Tips and Templates.  Widgets are the basic building blocks in Axure, and widgets are gathered in the library. In addition to the libraries provided by the system, you can create your...
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Axure Tutorial - Drag to Move Map
Introduction In the visual prototype, the map is a commonly used component, so today I will teach you how to create a prototype template for dragging to move a map. Generally speaking, most people directly call charts like Google Map Map. The disadvantage of...
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Axure Tutorial: Top Menu Bar
Introduction When mouse enter the menu, the sub-menu is shown, and when the mouse leave, the sub-menu is automatically hidden. This kind of interaction is believed to be an interaction that is often used when making prototypes. Widgets Setup 1....
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