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In this case study, we will explore the ideation process for redesigning a travel booking website to enhance the user experience and address pain points. The goal is to generate innovative ideas and solutions that improve usability, increase conversions, and provide a delightful booking experience for travelers.

Crazy 8s: Set a time limit of 8 minutes and individually sketched eight different ideas to solve specific pain points, such as simplifying the search process, improving filtering options, and enhancing the booking confirmation page.

One idea involved introducing a "Travel Wishlist" feature that allows users to save and compare multiple destinations and itineraries before making a final decision.

Mind Mapping: Created a mind map to visually explore different aspects of the travel booking experience. Explored areas such as search functionality, user profiles, loyalty programs, and personalized recommendations, and generated ideas for each category.

For example, under personalized recommendations, the mind mapping exercise generated ideas like utilizing machine learning algorithms to suggest personalized travel itineraries based on user preferences and past booking history.

Storyboarding: Developed storyboards to visualize the user journey and interactions within the redesigned travel booking website. Explored different scenarios, such as searching for flights, selecting accommodations, and adding extra services like car rentals or travel insurance. This helped identify pain points and opportunities for improving the user experience.

One storyboard focused on simplifying the booking process by implementing a one-page checkout that displays all relevant information, including pricing details, booking summary, and payment options, in a clear and concise manner.

SCAMPER: Applied the SCAMPER technique to generate innovative ideas for improving specific features of the travel booking website. For instance, "Modify" was used to suggest gamification elements, such as earning loyalty points or unlocking badges for completing bookings, to enhance user engagement and incentivize repeat usage.

Crazy 8s: Set a time limit of 8 minutes and individually sketched eight different ideas to address pain points related to the payment process. One idea involved implementing various payment options, including digital wallets and installment plans, to cater to diverse user preferences and increase conversion rates.

By applying these ideation methods, the team generated a range of innovative ideas and concepts for the redesign of the travel booking website. These ideas were further evaluated, refined, and incorporated into the design process to create a user-centric and seamless booking experience for travelers.

You can find Axure templates to facilitate these Ideation process. 

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