About UX: Common Mobile Navigation Patterns

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There are various navigation patterns for mobile devices, each with specific use cases and advantages. Here are some common mobile navigation patterns:

Tab Bar Navigation: Displays a row of icons or labels at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to switch between different views or functionalities by tapping on these tabs.

Drawer Navigation: Also known as the hamburger menu, typically hidden on one side of the screen, users can open it by swiping or tapping on a button.

List Navigation: Often used to display secondary or deeper-level content, it features a simple and clear structure, making it easy to understand.

Grid Navigation: Suitable for applications with relatively flat information and infrequent switching between sections.

Grid Format Navigation: Each grid is an independent entry point, ideal for classifying information that is mutually exclusive and does not require cross-usage.

Floating Action Button (FAB) Navigation: A floating icon always stays visible, allowing users to quickly access essential actions regardless of the current page they are on.

Segmented Controller: Used to switch between views or content that are typically related to each other.

Page Indicator: This navigation pattern is used to indicate the user's current position within a series of pages.

Breadcrumb Navigation: Helps users understand their location within the app and allows them to quickly return to the previous level.

Tabbed Navigation: Allows users to quickly switch between different content or views without leaving the current page.

Search Navigation: Provides a search box for users to directly find the content they are looking for.

Gesture Navigation: Utilizes user gestures like swiping, pinching, or double-tapping to navigate.

These are some common mobile navigation patterns, but remember that the choice of navigation pattern should be based on a comprehensive consideration of the app's characteristics, user needs and behaviors, as well as business goals. As UI/UX designers, our goal is to create excellent user experiences that satisfy both user needs and business objectives.
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