About UX: Common Design Guidelines

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Here are some common design guidelines:

Brand Guidelines: Brand guidelines define the visual identity of a brand, including logos, colors, typography, and layout. They ensure consistent brand representation across different media and design materials.

Website Design Guidelines: Website design guidelines cover aspects such as layout, navigation, color usage, font selection, button styles, and responsive design. They ensure that website designs meet user expectations and provide a good user experience.

Mobile App Design Guidelines: Mobile app design guidelines focus on user interfaces and interaction patterns on mobile devices. They include screen layouts, gesture interactions, navigation modes, iconography, and button designs.

Accessibility Guidelines: Accessibility guidelines ensure that designs are accessible and usable for all individuals, including people with disabilities. They cover aspects such as colorblind-friendly color schemes, designs adaptable to assistive technologies, and support for keyboard navigation.

Print Design Guidelines: Print design guidelines encompass requirements for printed materials such as flyers, posters, and business cards. They include specifications for dimensions, resolution, color modes, and bleeds.

Icon Design Guidelines: Icon design guidelines focus on the shape, size, proportions, stroke thickness, and consistent visual style of icons.

Data Visualization Guidelines: Data visualization guidelines provide guidance on effectively transforming data into understandable charts, graphs, and visual elements.

Interaction Design Guidelines: Interaction design guidelines address the behavior and response of interactive elements such as buttons, sliders, drag-and-drop, and form inputs.

These are common guidelines in design, and specific guidelines may vary based on the design field and project requirements. Designers can choose and follow the relevant guidelines according to their specific needs to ensure desired design outcomes.

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