iOS 17 Widget Library

The iOS 17 Widget Library is a comprehensive collection of widgets designed specifically for the latest iOS 17 system. This library provides valuable resources for efficiently building apps and webpages tailored for mobile and iPad devices.


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Key Components

  1. Global: Includes essential global elements for consistent design throughout the application.
  2. Components: Offers a wide range of interactive and functional widgets following Apple's human interface guidelines.
  3. Example Components: Showcases practical examples of widget usage for inspiration and reference.
  4. Templates: Provides pre-designed templates to jumpstart your project and streamline the design process.

· Complete set of iPhone components to cover all your design needs.
· Designed in alignment with Apple's human interface guidelines, ensuring a seamless user experience.
· High-fidelity and pixel-perfect widgets for precise and professional designs.
· User-friendly drag-and-drop functionality for effortless integration into your projects. · Light and dark themed components to accommodate different design preferences and system appearances.

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