Detailed Description of Text Field Tpyes in Axure RP


Text field is a control we often use. In Axure, it has many types. The text field can not only be used as a text box, but also be set to date format, time format, file format...


Application scenario: for example, if you need to enter a user's nickname when designing the new user feature, you can use the text field to set the hint text;

text input

Drag a "text field" control from the widget library. The default input type of the text box is "text". If you need to set the hint text, the hint text disappears when you enter the text. You can set it in interaction - hint text, such as "please enter user nickname".

Hint text

If the hint text disappears when the mouse clicks the control, select "Focus" in [Hint Text].


Application scenario: if you need to use the password field when designing the login page, you can select the password type.

password format

When previewing, the input text is displayed as "ciphertext"




Application scenario: when designing the search page, you need to enter keyword to search, and you can delete the entered text with one click.

search format

When previewing, enter text to display the close icon.

Previewing show close icon



Application scenario: if you need to design the user registration feature and fill in the user's birthday information, you need to use the date type.

Date format

Similarly, select the text field control, click interactions in the right operation bar, and select "Date" as the input type. 
Preview date
You can view the date effect during preview.


Application scenario: when designing forms, we often use the "attachment" field. The operation effect of this field is to click the control, open the local directory and select the local file. Text filed controls can implement this complex interaction logic.

file type

You can view the file effect during preview.
File type preview


The widgets also has features such as Month, Number, Email, URL, etc., which can be set and used according to actual needs.

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