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You can sort the repeater rows according to the contents of the dataset. 

Sorting is often used to sort the columns of a table, such as score, date and time, name, etc.

In Axure Tutorial: Actions Full Guide - Axure Interactive Template, there are interactive templates for all actions in this article, you can refer to them if you need them.

Add Sort to Rows

To add ordering to a repeater, the following steps are required:

1. Add an Add Sort action.
2. Select the repeater to add sort.
3. Select the column to add sort.
4. Select Sort Type.
5. Select Sort Order.
6. Select whether to remove all other sorts. 


Remove Sorts

To remove a Sort from a repeater that has sort(s) added to it, you just need to select the repeater and then select the sort you want to remove, you can remove all sort added to the repeater.

Add Multiple Sorts to Repeater

You can add multiple sorts to the repeater at once. As long as you do not check remove all other sorts when adding new sorts, you can apply them.

That's all for today's lesson. Next lesson we will introduce how to filter rows.

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