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The inline frame is mainly used to reference the content of another page or external web content on a page. This is useful for saving repetitive design.

Link to a Page

1. Link to a page in this design

Double-click the inline frame, select the Link to a page in this design option in the pop-up window, then select the corresponding page, and click OK.

2. Link to an external url or file

If you want to link to an external page, you can select Link to an external url or file, and then enter the corresponding URL.

Other Settings 

Toggle Border: Used to toggle whether to display the border of the inline frame.

Scrollbars: You can set whether to scroll freely, vertically or horizontally.

Preview Image (editor only): You can choose the preview image of the inline frame, which is only valid in the editor, not valid in the generated prototype.

Special Interactions

Open Link in Frame

Inline Framework

This is also a necessary action for each project. Generally, the project prototype will have a menu. Click the menu button to open a page in the inline frame.

· Link to a page of the current project - select a page in the prototype and open in a new Window/Tab.

· Link to external URL - enter the URL address, including the network address( )And local address (D://tutorial.html). Note: the local address is not available during preview. It needs to generate local HTML to take effect. This is generally applicable to opening external maps, statistical charts and other contents.

Parent Framework
Parent Frame is the page containing an inline frame (this must be used from a page loaded in an inline frame). This interaction is rarely used in practice.


That's all for today's lesson.In the following lessons we will continue to introduce commonly used widgets.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please leave a message.

Note: some browsers or websites may have disabled the function of opening web pages from inline frames, so the display is abnormal.

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