Axure RP Basic: 3 Ways to Make Loop Effects


Loop is a feature we often use in the prototype design of Axure, such as the loop of slides.

How to realize the loop effect through Axure ? I think there are 3 most commonly used methods

1. By middleware(without refresh and variable).
2. By self interactive loop(without middleware, variable and refresh)
3. By reloading the current page

By middleware(without refresh and variable).

1. When realizing the dynamic panel that triggers loop, if the triggering and realizing are in the same widget, the method is not easy to understand, so you need to add an middleware widget and name it "Middleware";

2. First, when the page is loaded, give the Middleware a triggered action;


3. On the Middleware, realize the loop of the dynamic panel, and the final action will move the "Middleware", so it will be triggered again, and the result is equivalent to realizing an infinite loop on the panel.

By self interactive loop(without middleware, variable and refresh) 

1.By the interaction settings of the same widget, the loop can be realized. Generally, an interaction of the widget triggers a or a set of interaction(s), and the last interaction will trigger the initial interaction.


2. As shown in the above image, when the dynamic panel is loaded, a series of actions are executed, and the last action triggers the initial series of actions to realize the loop.


By reloading the current page

1. This is the simplest way. That is, at the last action, reload the current page. The disadvantage is that there will be screen jams


As shown in the above image, after the dynamic panel changes to the last state, wait for 1000ms, and the current page will refresh again, thus realizing the loop.

Note: Click here to download the completed RP file for this tutorial (RP 10 or up).

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