Axure Advanced Tutorial: Deep Thinking on the Loop (Circulation)


Loop (circulation) in Axure is a feature we will often use. Most of the articles on loop are still about how to make the loop effect. There is little research on the dimensions of the loop and the action that can be implemented. Today, let's think deeply about the loop in Axure.


I divided the dimension of the loop into the following aspects. First, according to whether it is automatically triggered, it is divided into Passive and Active. When a component is loaded automatically, it is passive, and it requires active operation by the user, which is active.

Passive VS active

If the loop is triggered passively by the widget, it is passive. For example, it is triggered automatically when loaded; If the loop is triggered by the user action, for example, when the user clicks a button, it is active.

Carousel loops automatically when loaded


One event VS Two or more events

If the loop is completed by one event, it is One Event. If the loop is completed by two or more Events, it is Two or More Events.

Generally speaking, a loop completed by an event is realized by judging different conditions in cases.




As shown in the image above, the loop is realized by judging the selection states.

Self VS intermediary

If the loop is completed through the widget's own events, it is Self; If it is completed through the events of another widget, it is Intermediary.


As shown in the above image, the loop of the blue button is triggered by another button, so the loop is implemented through the intermediate.


There are many actions that a loop can perform on a target. Theoretically, most actions in Axure can implement loops, such as move, set size, show/hide, and select/unselect widgets.

Most actions in Axure can implement loop



By determining the combination of different values of the 3 loop dimensions, you can basically determine the cycle mode of a widget.

By determining action a loop realized, different looping effects can be achieved.

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Note: Click here to download the completed RP file for this tutorial (RP 10 or up).

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