What are the benefits of Axure? 10 reasons why product managers choose Axure!


Based on my own experience of using Axure and the feedback of online and offline friends using Axure, I sums up several reasons to make you fall in love with Axure and know its goodness.

1. The project manager and the technical manager know what you're going to do

Take the prototype of the design and explain it to the project manager and technical manager, and people can see what you are going to do at a glance. Attach a simple description, and people can use your prototype for development. That way, project managers and technical manager will fall in love with you, because they don't need to be tormented by long-winded text and long-winded explanations from product managers.

2. Coder and tester are less laborious at understand requirements

The prototype with interaction and description can directly guide the development of the coders, and can also guide the testers to write test cases and conduct test guidance. That way, coders and testers will love you too.

3. UX and UI designers know how to design your product 

The prototype design with complete modules and interaction has given the front-end display of the product. UX designers knows how to improve and optimize the existing experience design, and UI designers knows how to use imagination to design. UX, UI designers will also fall in love with you.

4. Leaders know your ideas, so they can better evaluate and set up projects

When you want to make a product or features, take out the prototype directly to the leader to demonstrate, intuitively and effectively let the leader evaluate whether it is feasible. This is much more intuitive and easy to understand than PPT explanation, word explanation, and email communication. The leader can quickly know what you have to do and evaluate whether your idea is feasible. In this way, your boss may also fall in love with you.

5. Users can experience your product in advance and get feedback

Before officially launching the product on the market, by making a high-fidelity prototype, inviting users to try it out, and giving feedback from users, verify that the product you make is what the user needs. Through this low cost method, it is greatly improve the success rate of the product . Look, users will love you too.

6. You can design products with colleagues by sharing

If more complex products require multiple people to collaborate on product design, Axure can also help you. One of the important features of Axure is project sharing, which enables colleagues to synchronize work, retain all work history, and can access historical versions of project documents at any time. Look, your coworkers will love you too.

7. You can generate the required requirements document with one click

Are you confused about writing dozens of pages of requirements documents? Axure may help you improve your efficiency. Through features such as notes and word document generation, you can directly generate requirements documents in a specific format you need with one click. Isn't it cool? Haha, the docs are in love with you too.

8. You can take the product prototype to find investors 

Entrepreneurs with thick business plans need to impress investors within minutes or even tens of seconds. Is it difficult? If it is supplemented by your product prototype and directly demonstrated to investors, will it be more vivid and attract investors' attention? Explain the project clearly, and investors will fall in love with you.

9. You can use the advertising plan to ask customers to sign the bill 

Selling creative ideas and solutions to advertisers, with thick documents and other people's cases, is it difficult for advertisers to sign the bill? If you take out the prototype of the solution that has already been done and demonstrate it to your advertiser, you should be able to get a different effect.  Your customers will love you too.

10. You look handsome personally

Through the efficient usage of the prototype tool Axure, you greatly improve the efficiency, improve your production capacity, and prove your ability. In this way, you will fall in love with yourself, be woken up by yourself every day, and then go to work confidently every day.

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