About UX Design: How to conduct usability testing?

What is usability testing?

Usability is testing is getting representative users to use your product, and then observing and recording the whole process of their use of the product. From there, you can find out whether the product works well or not. It has the advantage that you can directly observe the user's behavior, which is more realistic and reliable.

How to conduct usability testing?

1. Clarify the testing goals. Is it to improve the user experience of the product. Or is it to conduct competitive analysis, etc.

2. Develop a test plan. This includes the testing time, location, users, tasks, required equipment, testers, etc.

3. Execute the test plan. The tester guides the user to complete the task, and when the user encounters problems, he or she can ask appropriate questions and record the process of completing the task.

4. Analyze the test results. Including what features of the product work well, what features do not work well, etc. Axure Templates, Axure Libraries, Auxre Tutorial, UX Training #User Experience #UX Design #PM #UI/UX #CM

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