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The Backend Template Library provides a comprehensive collection of templates and components specifically designed for backend development. It is an ideal solution for rapidly constructing websites with robust backend functionality.

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The Backend Template Library consists of 9 main parts, each offering specialized templates and components:

1. Dashboard: Provides a comprehensive overview of key metrics and data.

2. UI Elements: Offers a rich selection of interface elements for building intuitive user interfaces.

3. Form: Enables the creation of interactive forms for data input and submission.

4. List: Facilitates the display and management of lists and data tables.

5. Profile: Focuses on presenting and managing user profiles and account information.

6. Result: Displays success and error messages.

7. Exception: Addresses error handling and displays error messages and notifications.

8. Account: Supports user info, password and account settings.

9. Visual: Offers visually appealing and customizable components for data visualization and charting.


1. High-fidelity and pixel-perfect designs ensure a polished and professional appearance.

2. Contains a wide range of backend templates and components that cover most common usage scenarios.

3. Easy to use and modify, allowing for seamless customization to suit specific project requirements.

With the Backend Template Library, developers can leverage pre-designed templates and components to streamline the backend development process, saving time and effort. It provides a solid foundation for building robust websites with intuitive interfaces and seamless functionality.

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