Frontend and Backend of Offline Training Institutions

The Frontend and Backend Solution for Offline Training Institutions is a comprehensive prototype designed specifically for offline educational institutions and training centers. It includes both frontend and backend designs with interactive features. This solution covers a wide range of functionalities, including registration, login, sign-up, payment processing, class renewal, attendance tracking, course consumption, personnel management, class scheduling, and more.

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Key Features

Login: Seamless user registration and login process for parents, business teachers, and course teachers.

Sign-up and Payment: Convenient sign-up process for courses or programs with secure payment options.

Class Renewal: Easy renewal of classes or courses for continued learning.

Attendance Tracking: Efficient tracking of student attendance and participation.

Course Consumption: Clear overview of course progress and completion.

Personnel Management: Streamlined management of staff members, including teachers and administrators.

Class Scheduling: Effective scheduling of classes and allocation of resources.

With the Frontend and Backend Solution for Offline Training Institutions, educational and training centers can enhance their operational efficiency and provide a seamless experience for both users and administrators. This solution caters to the specific needs of offline educational institutions, empowering them to effectively manage various aspects of their operations and deliver quality education and training services.

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