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Welcome to the Foundation 6 Widget Library, an all-inclusive product comprising Foundation for Sites and Foundation for Email, along with a rich collection of common website and email templates. This powerful library is tailored to streamline your rapid testing and development process.

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· Designed meticulously in strict adherence to the Foundation 6 official website guidelines.
· Experience pixel-perfect precision in every element of your prototypes.
· Create dynamic and interactive designs with ease.
· Access a comprehensive assortment of components and templates.
· Enjoy a vast selection of widgets and templates to cater to your diverse design needs.

Product Includes Foundation 6 for Site:
Unleash the full potential of Foundation 6 with an array of essential components such as Colors, Forms, Base Typography, Buttons, Close Buttons, Sliders, Switches, Menus, Dropdown Menus, Drilldown Menus, Accordion Menus, Top Bars, Pagination, Breadcrumbs, Accordions, Callouts, Cards, Dropdowns, Media Objects, Off-canvas elements, Reveals, Tables, Tabs, Responsive Accordion Tabs, Badges, Labels, Orbits, Progress Bars, Thumbnails, and Tooltips.

Foundation 6 for Email:
Craft compelling email designs effortlessly using Foundation 6 for Email components including Alignment, Buttons, Callouts, Styles, Grids, Menus, Spacers, Thumbnails, Typography, and Wrappers.

Email Templates:
Choose from a variety of pre-designed email templates to elevate your marketing efforts, featuring Basic, Hero, Sidebar, Marketing, Newsletter2, Sidebar Hero, Order, Drip, Password Reset, and Welcome templates.

HTML Templates:
Explore a diverse range of HTML templates tailored to various purposes, including News or Magazine, Real Estate or Travel, E-commerce Homepage, Agency, Blog with Sidebar, Blog Single Column, Portfolio, and Product templates.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Foundation 6 Widget Library, specially crafted for Axure, to enhance your prototyping experience and accelerate your development journey using the latest Foundation 6 framework.

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