Fluent UI Widget Library - Axure Library

Our comprehensive collection of UX components empowers you to craft stunning and cross-platform applications. Whether you’re targeting a single platform or multiple platforms, Fluent UI has you covered.

Product mentioned in this video: https://axureboutique.com/products/fluentui-widget-library
More contents: https://axureboutique.com 

Axure RP 10 downloads: 
Axure Libraries: https://axureboutique.com/collections/libraries 
Axure Templates: https://axureboutique.com/collections/templates 
Product & UX Tools: https://axureboutique.com/collections/ux 
Free Products: https://axureboutique.com/collections/free 
Mobile Products: https://axureboutique.com/collections/mobile


  • Achieve pixel-perfect precision in your designs, ensuring a polished and visually appealing interface.
  • Interact with dynamic and responsive elements that enhance user engagement and usability.
  • Access an extensive range of Fluent UI components, providing you with the building blocks to create versatile and feature-rich designs.
  • The initial version of this product focuses on the Web (Desktop) platform, delivering exceptional user experiences with ease.

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