Advanced Gameplay of Telecommuting


In recent years, the COVID-19 epidemic situation has erupted intensively all over the world. In order to control the epidemic response policy, many companies have implemented "home telecommuting".

On the one hand, everyone is happy to save time and convenience of telecommuting, but on the other hand, they are unhappy about the "new troubles" brought by telecommuting: work files cannot be synchronized, so they can only carry the host computer home; chatting with colleagues about work ​​is very inconvenient ;  The boss asks for video work, and the daily and weekly reports have been 360° monitoring;  Skype, Confluence daily rotations meeting.

In the context of the epidemic, remote working has become a new normal, and it has also caused a wave of investment in office collaboration products. With the development of the Metaverse industry, the virtual office will be an important entry point for the layout of the Metaverse.

We also found some virtual office products on the market, and we have our own thoughts and attempts on this field...

What is virtual office

By using VR, AR, MR, holographic image and sensing technology, the virtual office platform has been upgraded to a higher dimension in the sense of presence and interactive experience, which can not only enhance the communication of users, but also provide an all-round and immersive real office experience. Customizing the exclusive digital avatar, flexibly selecting the office scene, face-to-face interactive communication anytime and anywhere, and summoning daily office tools such as digital keyboard, screen and whiteboard on demand are making the professional and customized terminal office experience possible.

01 make office a gaming experience

Com2 Verse, a meta universe office platform created by Com2 Us, a Korean game company, is an integrated virtual space platform composed of office area, business area, theme park area and living community. It is known as the "huge integrated mirror world universe platform". The high degree of restoration of various scenes in the office allows users to experience a complete "working journey" in the virtual world.


1. Game based interactive operation

The biggest feature of Com2 Verse is that it is designed with the underlying logic of gamification experience, that is, using the "God's perspective" to move office life to the screen. From the narrative perspective, it shows a strong sense of life in the detailed experience in a very immersive way, and is unique in terms of fun and interactivity.

For example, by moving "yourself", users can experience rushing through the gate before going to work and choosing the floor when taking the elevator.

You can also carry out trivial operations such as attendance, schedule management and to-do items on the workbench.

When you want to relax, you can also walk around the office for a while, join the chat with colleagues, and sometimes meet the leader, but interaction will make chatting easier.


The conference feature of Com2 Verse supports downloading conference materials at any time during the meeting, and can also complete large-scale speeches in the large conference room, which almost restores the scene of an offline meeting.

2. Gamification Reward Mechanism

Com2 Verse is also trying to open up the internal ecology by building an independent blockchain economic system to prepare for the future expansion of more scenarios other than office. For example, using C2X coin as the common currency within Com2 Verse, users can accumulate gold coins to get rewards at any time according to their performance in Com2 Verse.

02 Create office usage scenarios with users

Different from other platforms, Gather does not restore real-world scenes, nor does it have a 3D experience mode connected to VR devices. Instead, it adopts the combination of the interactive interface of 2D games and video conference to openly explore how users interact after breaking various physical restrictions.

Compared to other products, Gather is more social and fun.

1. Open and collaborative UGC ecosystem

Gather can be said to have a firm grasp of the needs of Gen Z digital natives. They build the Gather metaverse in an open and collaborative UGC way, providing the underlying framework of "self-built room + meeting", and users can freely choose suitable spaces according to their needs, such as conference rooms, libraries, classrooms, restaurants, etc.

Freely create rooms according to size and capacity


Positive feedback from users in meetings


To start a conversation in Gather, just enter the other party's lighted area and turn on the camera, including but not limited to close contact, or sitting at the same table. There is also a whiteboard in the conference room, which is very suitable for group discussions in online classes.

In addition to more serious activities such as meetings and various work scenarios, some users study, discuss, play games on it, and even hold weddings, and night view bars provide leisure, so Gather is also likened to "digital version" WeWork".

Gather also designed some hidden white noise scenes, such as when the user is close to the fire, the user can really hear the burning sound, or the user can add their own sounds, such as fountain sound, water sound, it is very simple to operate and also Adds a bit of fun to the overall experience.


Gather Town currently has a web version and a desktop version. After registering with an email address, you can add friends to each other on the platform.

03 Holographic collaboration experience combining virtual and real

In view of the pain points such as the inability to read body language and lack of interaction in traditional remote office, virtual office brings a unique "pain reliever".

1. AR + holographic "combination of virtual and real"

Users can enter the immersive interactive space with the "virtual avatar" constructed by "pinching face". The head, hands and body of the avatar can all move and users can talk to others, similar to a 3D stereoscopic video call.

Through AR + holographic projection technology, users can also share content or collaborate with collaborators in the real space, and the features of most tools can be realized only by gestures.

2. Multi-platform and multi-device flexible collaboration

Mesh enables users without AR devices to participate in virtual events. The goal is to allow people to participate in virtual party events at any time through any device (such as PC, tablet or smartphone) in the future. 

04 finally

Virtual office, as a practical application scenario on the cusp of the epidemic, can be said to be the first step in the layout of the Metaverse, and it is also a very important scene cutout for the Metaverse economy.

Existing virtual office products, with the support of virtual reality technology, gradually restore the real immersion of online office by restoring office scenes and restoring visual, auditory, and tactile senses.

We believe that with the support of technology upgrades and algorithm upgrades, "virtual" will gradually become more "real", "tools" have begun to take shape, and "methods", "rules" and "skills" require our deep thinking.

Returning to the essence of office-efficiency, how to combine the advantages of online and offline office with virtual office, and even whether virtual office is an optimal option, this will need to be combined with internal organizational changes and employee experience to make more changes. 

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