Common Navigation and Layout Design for Mobile and Desktop: 22 Floating Navigation Buttons

The Floating Navigation Button is a common mobile navigation pattern that is typically used to provide quick access to commonly used functions or navigation options. It is usually displayed in a floating manner on the screen and can be positioned in the corners or other easily accessible locations.

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· Floating Position: The Floating Navigation Button is typically positioned in a fixed location on the screen. This ensures that the button remains visible to the user as they scroll through the page, regardless of the content changes.

· Quick Access Functionality: The Floating Navigation Button is often used to provide quick access to commonly used functions, such as returning to the top, sharing content, or creating new content. It helps users perform common actions quickly and improves their operational efficiency.

· Customizability: The Floating Navigation Button often has customizable appearance and behavior. It can be styled and colored to match the design style of the application and can be associated with different functions or navigation options.

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