Axure Tutorial: Simulated Missile Trajectory


We can often meet tracking missiles in shooting games. Its basic principle is to use various shape and trajectory formulas. Today, let's learn how to make missile trajectory with Axure.

Features to be Realized


1. Make a circular missile trajectory


2. Making an elliptical missile trajectory

Alternate Cross ellipse

3. Make an alternate crossing ellipse track.

missle collision

4. Making a missile collision trajectory

How to Realize these Features

Calculate the moving distance and rotation angle through circular and elliptical formulas.

Preview the completed prototype for this tutorial


Make a circular missile trajectory 

Widgets Setup

Widgets Setup

Make a missile shape with a combination of rectangles and triangles.  Make labels and text fields for the missile trajectory at the top of the screen. 

Interactions Setup 

For the trajectory of a circle. We just need to know the radius (r) and the position of the center (a, b) of circle, and the speed of the missile . The trajectory equation of a circle is:


move missile to default position

First, we move the missile to the left of the circle, that is, a-r, b


X distance

move y distance

Then judge the position of the missile. If it is in the upper half of the circle, the moving distance x = [[This.x-LVAR2]], y= [[Math.sqrt((LVAR3*LVAR3)-((This.x-LVAR4)-LVAR1)*((This.x-LVAR4)-LVAR1))+LVAR2]].

Rotated angles

The rotation angle is calculated through the formula, and the radian is converted into an angle.


X distance

y distance

If it is in the lower half of the circle, the moving distance x = [[This.x-LVAR2]], y= [[Math.sqrt((LVAR3*LVAR3)-((This.x-LVAR4)-LVAR1)*((This.x-LVAR4)-LVAR1))+LVAR2]].
Rotation angle

The rotation angle is calculated through the formula, and the radian is converted into an angle.

Make a elliptical missile trajectory 


The calculation of elliptical trajectory is similar to that of circle, in which half of the length of the long side is a, half of the length of the short side is b, and the position of the center of the circle is c and d.

The calculation formula of trajectory is (x-c) ²/ a ²+ (y-d) ²/ b ²= 1

Make an alternate crossing ellipse track.

Alternate Crossing  ellipse track

The C value of alternate crossing ellipse track will change constantly, so you need to add a parameter: Previous C, which is used to save the previous C value. 

Previous C Settings

The trajectory of the upper and lower ellipses is changed by toggling the selection state of previous C. And the values of C and previous C will change with the value of the missile position.

Making a missile collision trajectory 

Missile collision trajectory

The missile collision trajectory needs to add a speed text field, and after a certain time, the speed will increase to simulate the acceleration effect.

Moved interactions

The basic principle of missile trajectory is that after a certain time, the coordinates of the missile move to the target and the angle faces the target. Through the trigonometric function, we can calculate them.

In this way, all the settings are completed. If you have any questions and suggestions, please leave a message.

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Well Joe @AxureBoutique, a technical writer and teacher, focuses on Axure prototype design and product design. 

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