Axure RP Extension for Chrome

Google Chrome requires an extension to view locally stored projects. Alternatively, upload your RP file to Axure Cloud or use a different browser. You can also Preview from Axure RP.

You can download Axure RP Extension for Chrome.

If it cannot be installed successfully in the latest version of Chrome and notice:

Package is invalid: "crx_header_invalid".

Please follow the steps below to solve it:

Step 1: download the latest extension program Axure RP Extension for Chrome. and unzip it to get an Axure_ chrome_ extension_ V0. 6.3 folders.

Step 2: enter in the browser address bar chrome://extensions/ , or click more tools - > extension in the upper right corner of the browser to open the extension interface. Open developer mode in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 3: click [Load decompressed extensions], select the "axure_chrome_extension_v0.6.3" folder just decompressed, and the installation will be successful.

Finally, open the details and confirm that the [allow access to file url] option is selected. Open the local HTML file again and you can browse normally.

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