Cloud Office Backend Management System

Cloud Office Backend Management System

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The Cloud Office Backend Management System is a powerful back-end prototype specifically designed for large tech companies. It serves as a comprehensive solution to manage and streamline various aspects of cloud office operations. For the front-end user interface, please refer to the front-end product prototype of the Cloud Team Collaboration Platform.

This system encompasses a wide range of common functions found in cloud management systems. It includes robust features such as organization structure management, meeting room scheduling, customizable workbench, cloud document management, integrated video meetings, schedule management, expense center administration, data reporting, corporate culture promotion, and enterprise settings configuration.

Who will use this product?
The Cloud Office Backend Management System is tailored for professionals involved in the management and administration of cloud office environments. This includes product managers, visual designers, UI/UX designers, developers, and testers. By providing a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities, the system empowers users to effectively manage and optimize their cloud office workflows.

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Desktop, Office, OA
Download Includes
Cloud Office App PRD (.rp)
Pages 55
File Size 10 MB

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Organization Structure


Meeting Room Management


App Review


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