High-Level Mobile Widget Library (Components, Cases, Templates, Charts)

High-Level Mobile Widget Library (Components, Cases, Templates, Charts)

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This product is the mobile end of the high level widget library, and the web end can be viewed here

Most components are with dynamic interactions, which are smooth and aesthetic. They can be copied into your project with one click to help you save a lot of time.

At present, there are 4 parts: components, cases, templates, and charts.

8+ years of product manager, delivering high-quality prototypes with product thinking.


V2.4.3 (updated on 2022.06.07)
· Add mobile frame and navigations;
· Fix some bugs;

V2.4.2 (updated on 2021.06.01)
· Added common special effects cases: gradient zooming, gesture click, animation progress bar, sliding switch;

V2.4.1 (updated on 2021.03.08)
· Added behavior verification: no perception, image rotation, sliding puzzle, text click

V2.4.0 (updated on 2021.01.10)
· The first update in 2021  adjusted the homepage structure. In the follow-up, the extension content will be created according to the focus of each module.

· Added login - three-party login (WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Alipay)

V2.3.4 (updated on 2020.10.12)
· Added abnormal scene design (covering various abnormal scene designs on the mobile terminal

V2.3.3 (updated on 2020.07.27)
· Added a small case for selecting specifications (including 3 styles);
· Added e-commerce collection templates: shopping cart template, category navigation template;

V2.3.2 (updated on 2020.06.08)
· Added scanning small cases (multiple styles) and album small cases;
· Iterate tutorial content;

V2.3.1 (updated on 2020.05.25)
· Added TabBar style, new sharing case template, and new pop-ups full-window case;
· Fix some bugs in the presentation;

V2.3.0 (updated on 2020.05.17)
· Added login templates (mobile phone number login template, account password login template, step-by-step login template) and registration template;
Added comment list template;

V2.2.2 (updated on 2020.05.07)
· Added My template (social list template, social grid template, e-commerce template, news general template, news task template);

V2.2.1 (updated on 2020.04.25)
· Update: Tab adds capsule style, Animate adds special effects;
· Added: ticket components, like/favorite case, image display case;
· Optimize components;

V2.2.0 (updated on 2020.04.19)
· Added case and template modules: address selection, city selection, LBS positioning;
· Added skeleton screen component (dynamic effect);
· Adjust the page structure and classification of some of the demo files (common elements, tutorials, small cases, etc.);


V2.1.1 (updated on 2020.04.06)
· Optimize the demo frame structure to solve the stuck problem;
· Added Alipay applet business OpenAPI, added Footer;
· Extend some component content (Navigator, Badge, Activity-Indicator);

V2.1.0 (updated on 2020.03.24)
· Added WeChat OpenAPI: user authorization, subscription message, WeChat payment, etc.;
· Add more commonly used Icons;
· Add a small case module, this issue adds: comment case

· Added the small screen display effect;
· Optimize the interaction of the drop-down menu and fix the display bug of some components;

· Added advanced search feature, which can search and quickly view component examples;
· Added advanced components: calendar, automated search, animation effects, tutorials;
· Added components: icons, radio/checkbox styles, number input boxes, range selectors, etc.;

· Optimize the interactions to make the experience smoother;
· Supplement some components: pager, scoring component, and other component optimizations; 

· Update the interactions to make the experience smoother;
· Modify some compatibility and interaction bugs;
· Added some components; 

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Mobile, Widget Library, Templates
Download Includes

· High-Level Mobile Widget Library Demo(.rp)
· High-Level Mobile Widget Library(.rplib)

Pages 112
File Size 23.5 MB

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1. Components

Pixel-perfect components with smooth interaction, including common mobile components, are very convenient for you to build desktop applications.

2. Templates 

Including common templates, such as Login & Register, Verification Code Verification, E-Commerce and Common Templates, which are very useful to build app pages.

3. Cases 


Cases are frequently used modules that can be used to quickly build pages.


4. Charts


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