White Board - Team Templates

White Board - Team Templates

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A comprehensive collection of different Whiteboard templates for brainstorming, team management, strategy and mapping in Axure.

V 1.3 updates

Team Management / Agile:
· Sailboat Retrospective
· Starfish Retrospective

Strategy and planning:
Strategic Planning Board

Feedback Action Plan (FAP)
· Jobs-to-be-done Canvas
· The Customer Question Board

V 1.2 updates

Parking Lot Matrix
· Fishbone Diagram
· Reverse Brainstorming
· S.C.A.M.P.E.R

Strategy & Planning:
Service Blueprint
· Likert Scale
· 5 Whys
· Porter's Five Forces

V 1.1 updates

Crazy 8s Brainstorming
· Marketing Plan Brainstorm
· The Good Partner Map

Strategy & Planning:
Product Launch
· Marketing Strategy
· Product Pyramid Planning
· Problem Prioritization

V 1.0

Hopes & Fears
· Affinity Diagram
· How Might We
· SWOT Analysis
· Card Sorting
· Impact & Effort Matrix
· RICE Score
· Customer Journey Map
· Empathy Map
· Business Model Canvas
· Design Thinking Canvas
· Stakeholder Map
· Persona & Usecases
· Lotus Blossom
· Whiteboard Excercise Canvas

Team Management
Meeting Note
· Kanban Board
· Team roadmap
· Daily Stand-Up
· Retrospective

Blocks Mindmap
· Blocks & Text Mindmap

Simple Flowchart
· Complex Flowchart

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field UX Design, Product Design, Service Design, Brainstorm
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Zvonimir Juranko


Hopes & Fears

Affinity Diagram

How Might We (HMW)

SWOT Analysis

Impact and Effort Matrix





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