UIkit Widget Library

UIkit Widget Library

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UIkit is a cutting-edge, lightweight, and modular front-end framework specifically tailored for crafting fast and robust web interfaces. Our widget library adheres closely to the UIkit official website's specifications, ensuring seamless integration with your projects.

Key Features:

  • Experience pixel-perfect precision, guaranteeing seamless alignment with your design vision.
  • Immerse yourself in interactive and dynamic elements that elevate your web interfaces to new heights.
  • Enjoy an extensive collection of UIkit components, encompassing a wide range of possibilities for your design needs.
  • Easily find what you need with efficient search functionality, streamlining your workflow.
  • Discover an impressive array of widgets, empowering you to create powerful and engaging web experiences.

UPDATE (MAY 20, 2024)

Off-canvas, Overlay, Padding, Pagination, Placeholder


UPDATE (MAY 14, 2022)

· Nav 
· Grid
· Form

Library Includes
Accordion, Alert, Align, Article, Background, Badge, Base, Breadcrumb, Button, Card, Close, Column, Comment, Countdown, Description list, Divider, Dotnav, Drop, Dropdown, Form, Grid, Heading, Height, Iconnav, Inverse, Label, Leader, Lightbox, Link, List, Margin, Marker, Modal, Navbar, Notification, Off-canvas, Overlay, Padding, Pagination, Placeholder, Progress, Scroll, Search, Section, Sidenav, Slider, Sortable, Spinner, Subnav, Switcher, Tab, Table, Text, Thumbnav, Tile, Toggle, Tooltip, Totop, Transition, Upload, Utility, Width

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Desktop & Mobile, Widget Library
Download Includes
· UIkit demo (.rp)
· UIkit widget library (.rplib)

Pages 290
File Size 225.8 MB

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