E-HR Mamagement System

E-HR Mamagement System

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This template includes the core modules of the HR system. There are 3 ends: employee end, department manager end and HR personnel end.

The employee end is mainly used by ordinary employees. It includes common features such as Application for a regular employee, Designation application, Certifying statement, Leave application, Overtime application, Salary query, Resume viewing, Contacts, Weekly and daily reports, Policy viewing, Knowledge base, etc.

The manager end is mainly used by managers of departments or teams. It includes common features such as team members viewing, team attendance, team leave, team salary, weekly team report, and team performance.

Manager end is mainly used by HR personnel. It includes induction handling, resume modification review, certifying statement, reassignment handling and other common feature.


· This template contains the main user roles and usage scenarios of the HR system: employees, managers and HR personnel
· Minimalist HR manegement template
· Easy to use, for most HR scenarios
· It is extracted from the real products and can be used only by simple modification

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Desktop, Human resource management(HR)
Download Includes
HR Management System Template (.rp)
Pages 34
File Size 14.5 MB

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