CRM Fundamentals Course (Prototyping/Product Management/UX Design)

CRM Fundamentals Course (Prototyping/Product Management/UX Design)

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CRM system is the most essential system for engaging with customers. It has a significant impact on a company's revenue and the level of maintaining customer relationships. Therefore, it has increasingly gained the attention of major companies worldwide. Among them, the SASS platform of companies like Salesforce has witnessed rapid development. However, building a customized CRM system offers numerous benefits, including greater flexibility and alignment with your business characteristics. Therefore, this course aims to teach you how to develop a CRM system from the ground up.

Course Syllabus

1. B2B Product Introduction
2. CRM Fundamentals
3. Business Analysis
4. Product Planning
5. Navigation and layout Frame
6. Leads
7. Lead Pool
8. Customers
9. Customer Pool
10. Contacts
11. Opportunities
12. Orders
13. Products
14. Contracts
15. Payments
16. Tasks
17. Calendar
18. Dashboard
19. Roles
20. Completing the Prototype
21. Mobile Part: Business Requirement Analysis
22.Mobile Part: Mobile Nav Frame
23. Mobile Part: Dashboard, Notification and Me
24. Mobile Part: Creating All Pages
25. Mobile Part: Completing the Interactive Demos
26. Creating the Product Requirement Document with Axure

What you will learn

  1. How to develop a CRM system from scratch.
  2. The main process of developing a CRM system: from business needs analysis, to designing the main business processes, functional architecture, product roadmap, prototyping, to creating the PRD (Product Requirements Document).
  3. Prototypes for desktop backend and mobile app.
  4. How to create a PRD in Axure format.
  5. Basic knowledge of B-end product development.

Object-Oriented Audiences

  1. Product Managers. Those who need to build a CRM system or master basic skills.
  2. Executives or Bosses. Those who want to understand the basic knowledge and requirements for developing a CRM system.
  3. UI/UX/Product Designers. Those who need to create prototypes or design interfaces.
  4. Other CRM professionals or individuals interested in entering the CRM industry. They need to understand the basic knowledge of CRM product development.

The instructor of this course

A CRM product expert actively working in the field, possessing exceptional skills in requirements analysis and prototyping

Gift (Free)

CRM Product Prototype: Includes  desktop and  mobile Axure templates.
If you purchase this course, you will receive this product as a bonus.

Course Features

  1. Comprehensive coverage of the entire product development and design process, from project evaluation to prototyping to PRD documentation.

  2. Inclusive of desktop backend and mobile app prototypes, highlighting major user scenarios for key roles.

  3. Practical and ready-to-implement, aligned with current CRM project trends. Includes various product documents, Axure templates, and PRD.

Partial Material Preview


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