Axure RP 10 and UX Core Skills Course

Axure RP 10 and UX Core Skills Course

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Who should take this course?

· Anyone who wants to take their prototyping skill to the next level
· New to the tech or Internet industry
· UI/UX practitioners who want to enhance their designing skills.
· Novice UI/UX Designer/Product Designer/Interaction Designer

What will I learn through this course?

· Mastering Axure RP 10 core skills.
· Prototyping with Axure RP 10.
· Making various components and interfaces.
· Making realistic web and mobile prototypes from scratch.
· Mastering the core skills of UX design.
· Know methodologies of UX design.
· Know how to conduct customer research.
· Mastering how to do information architecture, prototying and user flow design
· Understand the UX design trends and best practices.
· Learn about design psychology
· Understand how to create your own UX portfolio.

Why you should master Axure RP 10?

Axure is an excellent UX design software to quickly create prototypes and get feedback from stakeholders. Already used by most well-known Internet companies.

How is the course structured?

This course is divided into two main parts, the Axure RP 10 part and the UX Design part. You will master the core skills of Axure RP 10 and UX design in these two parts.

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Gifts(Bootstrape 5 Widget Libraries, Business Card Templates, UX and product tools, Icon sets), Axure Tutotial  Files, Axure Case Files.
Videos 100+
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Curriculum (Updating)

1. Course Introduction

1.1 Course Introduction
1.2 What will you learn?
1.3 How to use the gift works

2. Start Up

2.1 Axure RP 10 installation and license purchase
2.2 Files
2.3 Prototype player

3. Environment

3.1 Enviroment introduction

3.2 Enviroment settings
3.3 Dark mode

4. Canvas

4.1 Canvas settings
4.2 Ruler, grid, guides, and snap settings
4.3 Case: using guides to create grid layouts

5. Pages

5.1 Page management
5.2 Stying pages
5.3 Adding Interactions to Pages
5.4 Adding notes to Pages
5.5 Adaptive views
5.6 Case: creating page styles

6. Widgets

6.1 WIdget libraries
6.2 Manipulating Widgets
6.3 Styling widgets
6.4 Adding Interactions to Widgets
6.5 Adding notes to widgets
6.6 Grouping Widgets
6.7 Case: Applying Widget Styles

7. Common Widgets

7.1 Shapes
7.2 Images
7.3 Lines
7.4 Text fields and text areas
7.5 Hot spots
7.6 Droplists
7.7 Checkboxes
7.8 Radio buttons
7.9 Tables
7.10 Snapshots
7.11 Inline frames

8. Dynamic Panels

8.1 Dynamic panel creation and management
8.2 Dynamic panel's View All mode and interactions
8.3 Case: carousel

9. Flow Widgets

9.1 Flow widgets
9.2 Flow widget connecting lines
9.3 Case: login and registration flow diagrams

10. Components

10.1 Components
10.2 Component views
10.3 Case: card variants

12. Repeater

13. Publishing Project

13.1 Publishing project
13.2 Team project

Axure Cases

Case: make search box that can call search engine
Case: fixed top navigation
Case: make variable table columns
Case: show omitted text in table cells
Case: using mouse to drag selection rectangle
Case: use context menu to switch images
Case: draggable map
Case: make a list with variable content through repeater
Case: floating navigation
Case: make common animation template
Case: animating gear loading
Case: 3d carousel
Case: drag table items to automatically sort
Case: use global variables to change the state of dynamic panel
60 seconds case: pull down to refresh contents
60 seconds: dynamically add and delete tags
60 seconds case: progress bar
60 seconds case: username & password verification
60 seconds case: adaptive design
60 seconds case: text edition
60 seconds case: text edition 2
60 seconds case: phone dialing interface
60 seconds case: music player and text carousel
60 seconds case: top tabs navigation frame
60 seconds case: drggable panel frame
60 seconds case: bottom tabs navigation frame
60 seconds case: floating action button(FAB) navigation Frame
60 seconds case: high-fidelity interactions interface
60 seconds case: data transfer across pages
60 seconds case: make carousel
60 seconds case: loading animation
60 seconds case: drawer navigation
60 seconds case: make adaptive left and top navigation
60 seconds case: make dropdown with checkboxes
60 seconds case: search and filter table content
60 seconds case: Tabs Interactions
60 seconds case: tag edtion Interactions
60 seconds case: get date & time
60 seconds case: make slider
60 seconds case: make video player
60 seconds case: make cards
60 seconds case: digital input interactions
60 seconds case: high-fidelity Interactions
60 seconds case: make multi-level dropdown list
60 seconds case: make accordion
60 seconds case: pagination ineractions

UX Design 

UX and PM: who owns what?
What is the difference between UX design and product management?
What are the common UX design tools?
What are user centered design and design thinking?
Wireframe vs mockup vs prototype. What is the difference?
What personnel make up the product development team?
What are the common product development methodologies?
What personnel make up the UX team?
How to do UX design in Scrum?
How to do user research?
How to use the customer touchpoint map?
How to use the customer journey map?
How to use the empathy map?
How to use the storyboard?
How to use the affinity diagram? 
About UX Design:How to use customer journey maps?
About UX Design: How to conduct user interviews?
About UX Design: How to conduct a questionnaire survey?
About UX Design: How to conduct usability testing?
About UX Design: How to define the goals in UX project?
About UX Design: How to create a persona?
About UX Design: Examples of UX design goals
About UX: Why is competitive analysis important in UX design?
About UX: What is a UX Strategy?
About UX: What are the steps of competitive analysis?
About UX: Mainstream UIUX design patterns
About UX: A competitive analysis report example
About UX: What is design positioning?
About UX design: How to create an effective information architecture?
About UX: What is a Wireframe and What is Its Purpose?
About UX: Ideation case study - redesigning a travel booking website
About UX: case study - creating a wireframe for a social media application
About UX: What is a Mockup and Its Importance?
About UX: how to create a mockup? step by step guide
About UX: Design Psychology: Enhancing User Experience through Human-Centric Design
About UX: Design psychology key principles (1)
About UX: Understanding Prototypes: Definition and Significance
About UX: How to Conduct Prototype Design?
About UX: How to map UX user flows?
What is UX User Flow What does it do?
About UX: Map a UX user flow with Axure RP
What is UX Information Architecture and why is it important?
About UX: Design principles
About UX: Examples of Applying Design Principles for Enhanced User Experience
What are Design Guidelines and their Importance?
About UX: Common Design Guidelines
About UX: Google's Material Design Guidelines
About UX: An Overview of iOS Human Interface Guidelines
About UX: Bootstrap Design Guidelines Overview
About UX: An Overview of Ant Design Guidelines
About UX: An Overview of Lightening Design System
MUI Introduction to Design Specifications
About UX: What is Design Validation?
About UX: How to Conduct Design Validation?
About UX: Common Layout Patterns for Mobile Design
About UX: Exploring Web Layouts 12 Common Layout Patterns
About UX: Common Mobile Navigation Patterns
About UX: Common Web Navigation Patterns
About UX: What are the commonly used design validation method?
The Impact of AI on UX Design
The Latest Impact of AI on UI UX Design in 2023
About UX: What is UX Usability Testing and What is its Purpose?
UX Usability Testing: Steps and Methods
A/B Testing: Key Method for Optimizing User Experience and Boosting Conversion Rates
A/B Testing Guide: The Key Tool for Optimizing Products and Enhancing Performance
AI Content Generation: Enhancing Personalized Experience in UI/UX Design
AI Emotion Recognition: Enhancing Emotional Design Innovation for User Experience
AI Automation in Design and Iteration: Accelerating the Future of Creative Realization
The Revolutionary Impact of AI in UI/UX Design Tools: Case Studies 1
The Revolutionary Impact of AI in UI/UX Design Tools: Case Studies 2
Case Study: AI in Design Agency
Case Study AI Driven Personalization in UX Design
Case Study: AI in Design Agency
Optimizing User Experience Design: Key Steps and Considerations for Conducting UX Design Reviews
AI Intelligent User Testing and Feedback: A Key Tool for Optimizing UX Design
Enhancing User Experience through Interactive Prototyping with Axure
Case Study: Enhancing User Experience with Axure

Download Includes
Gifts(Bootstrape 5 Widget Libraries, Business Card Templates, UX and product tools, Icon sets), Axure Tutotial  Files, Axure Case Files.
Videos 200+
File Size(Attachments) 670MB

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