US Web Design System

US Web Design System

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USWDS provides principles, guidance, and code to help you design and build accessible, mobile-friendly government websites and digital services. This work is designed strictly according to the  U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) Official website.

· Pixel perfect
· Interactive and motional
· Most US Web Design System components Included
· Supports fast Searching

LAST UPDATE (MAY 16, 2022) 

· Templates (New!)

404 page, Documentation page, Landing page, Create account, Sign-in, Multiple sign-in options, Mailing address, Name form, Password reset form, Sign-in form

· Typography (New!)

Library Includes
· Utility
Color, Layout Gird

· ComponentsAccordion, Alert, Banner, Breadcrumb, Button, Button Group, Card, Character Count, Checkbox, Collection, Combo Box, Data Visualizations, Date Input, Date Picker, Date Range Picker, Dropdown, File Input, Footer, Header, Icon List, Identifier, Input Prefix or Suffix, Link, List, Modal, Process List, Radio, Range Slider, Search, Side Navigation, Site Alert, Step Indicator, Summary box, Table, Tag, Text Input, Time Picker, Tooltip, Validation

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Desktop & Mobile, Widget Library
Download Includes
· US web design system demo (.rp)
· US web design system widget library (.rplib
Pages 101
File Size 10 MB

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