Salesforce Lightning Design System

Salesforce Lightning Design System

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The Salesforce Lightning Design System is a comprehensive collection of UX resources that empowers you to create user interfaces in alignment with the Salesforce Lightning principles, design language, and best practices. It offers a flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for building visually stunning applications. The work is crafted meticulously, adhering strictly to the guidelines outlined on the official Salesforce Lightning Design System website.

· Inclusive resources: The design system provides a wide range of resources, including typography, color palettes, charts, icons, builder tools, and pre-built components, enabling you to create cohesive and engaging interfaces.
· Pixel-perfect precision: Every element in the design system is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring pixel-perfect alignment and visual consistency.
· Interactive and dynamic: The components and elements within the design system are designed to be interactive and dynamic, enhancing user engagement and creating delightful user experiences.
· Extensive component library: The design system encompasses a comprehensive collection of Salesforce Lightning Design System components, allowing you to leverage a vast array of ready-to-use building blocks for your applications.
· Efficient search functionality: Quickly find the desired resources and components with the design system's efficient search feature, enabling seamless navigation and enhanced productivity.

With the Salesforce Lightning Design System, you have all the necessary tools and resources at your disposal to create visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces that align with the Salesforce Lightning design principles and elevate the overall user experience.

UPDATE (Oct 14, 2023)

· App Launcher

· Hyphenation
· Line Clamp
· Media Objects
· Name Value List
· Scrollable
· Text
· Themes 
· Vertical List

UPDATE (Mar 2, 2023)

· Alignment
· Borders
· Box
· Description List
· Floats
· Horizontal List
· Interactions

UPDATE (JAN 6, 2023)

· Avatar Group
· Split View

UPDATE (MAY 6, 2022)

· Accordion
· Activity Timeline
· Breadcrumbs
· Button Groups
· Buttons
· Button Icons
· Keyboard navigation
· Data Table 
· Docked Utility Bar
· Dynamic Icons (New!)
· Dynamic Menu ( New!)

Library Includes

Accordion, Activity Timeline, Alert, Avatar, Badge, Breadcrumbs, Buttons, Button Groups, Button Icons, Cards, Carousel, Chat, Checkbox, Checkbox Button, Checkbox Button Group, Checkbox Toggle, Color Picker, Combobox, Counter, Data Table, Datetime Picker, Docked Composer, Datetime Picker, Datepickers, Docked Composer, Docked Form Footer, Docked Utility Bar, Drop Zone, Dueling Picklist, Illustration, Expandable Section, Expression, Feeds, File Selector, Files, Form Element, Global Header, Global Navigation, Input, List Builder, Lookups, Map, Menus, Modals, Notification, Page Headers, Panel, Path, Picklist, Pills, Popover, Progress Bar, Progress Indicator, Progress Ring, Prompt, Publishers, Radio Button Group, Radio Group, Rich Text Editor, Scoped Notifications, Scoped Tabs, Select, Setup Assistant, Slider, Spinners, Summary Detail, Base, Textarea, Tiles, Timepicker, Toast, Tooltips, Tree Grid, Trees, Trial Bar, Vertical Navigation, Vertical Tabs, Visual Picker, Welcome Mat

All Sizes, Page Title, Section Title, Section Subtitle, Body, Label, Footnote

Vibrant Palette, Foundation Palette, Text, Icons-Color

Color, Color Guideline, Bar, Bubble, Column, Donut, Dot, Dot Plot, Flat Gauge, Funnel, Gauge, Heatmap, Line, Map, Matrix, Origami, Polar Gauge, Ratings, Sankey, Treemap, Waterfall

Axure RP 9 or up
Application Field Desktop & Mobile, Widget Library
Download Includes
· Salesforce lightning design system demo (.rp)
· Salesforce lightning design system widget library (.rplib)
Pages 154
File Size 43.4 MB

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