AxureBoutique Merchant FAQ (Merchant Agreement)


AxureBoutique new seller registration address:, registration means you agree with the following agreement.

1. About revenue

1. The transaction needs to be carried forward for a certain period of time. We will settle the income of the previous natural month on the 15th of each month for all sellers' income. There is no minimum settlement amount.

2.Deduct the service fee and currency exchange fee we provide, the income settlement ratio is 60%, that is, income = current month sales multiplied by 60%. Earnings will be converted into your selected currency or USD.

3. The income will be settled to the your settlement account filled in when the seller registered. Due to the inaccurate information filled in by the seller, if the income cannot be successfully credited to the account, it will be postponed to the next payment cycle for reissue.

4. How can the seller modify the settlement account?

Please contact AxureBoutique customer service to modify.

2. Product release and review

1. Sellers can submit and update old works at any time. We will review and revise the works.

2. We will modify some of the contents to make the works meet the needs of customers or our guideline. If your work is translated into English from other languages, please ensure its accuracy and completeness. If there are obvious errors, it may not be approved.

3. The work cannot contain links or content that lead to external transactions. If there is, it may be removed.

4. If the review fails, we will contact you to modify

5. After the works is released, you can see it at the website.

6. For works that need to be removed, please contact customer service for processing.

7. Please upload at least 1 work within the first month.

3. About originality guarantee

The works published by AxureBoutique must be guaranteed to be original before they can be published and traded. Don't sell other people's work, or tamper with other people's work to publish. If the work contains or references the content of the paid work, the authorization of the original author is required to publish the transaction.

If it is reported and proved to be a non-original work, all the revenue of the publisher will be deducted, and we will terminate the cooperation with the merchant.

4. Customer after-sales and technical services

We will help to deal with after-sales, if there are special needs, we will contact the you.

5. Merchant services

If you have any questions, you can contact

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