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Axure Tutorial: Block Browser Right-Click Context Menu
Introduction When designing prototypes with Axure RP, sometimes you need to show something when you right-click. However, when you right-click, the system context menu will be displayed by default. This will block what we want to show. Preview the completed prototype for this...
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Axure Tutorial: Dynamic Menu Using Repeater
Introduction When you only use dynamic panel to make menus, if there are many menus and they are constantly added and deleted, it will be difficult to manage. You need to constantly change the menu name, set up links and adjust...
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Axure RP 10 Image
Axure 10 has introduced new features that are a huge improvement over Axure 9. The improvements of these features are introduced on the official website, but there is no detailed explanation on the feature and use scenario. With images, you can understand these updates faster. Let's...
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