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What is AxureBoutique Material Design Widget Library?

Material Design widget library is based on the Google Material Design guidelines and used for design and prototyping. It includes two parts: Material 2 and Material 3.

It includes a rich collection of Material Design-styled interface elements such as buttons, cards, text fields, etc.

It follows the Material Design guidelines for consistency and usability.

It offers customizable styles and colors to meet individual design requirements.

It supports common interactive components like navigation bars, tab, dialogs, etc.

Why Choose Material Design Widget Library?

1. By using pre-defined Material Design widgets and styles, designers can quickly build interface prototypes and save time and effort.

2. The widget library adheres to Material Design guidelines, ensuring consistency, usability, and aesthetic appeal, thereby improving the user experience.

3. Designers can customize widget styles, colors, and interaction effects according to project requirements, aligning designs with brand or product characteristics.

4. The widget library provides a wide range of examples to assist designers in getting started and mastering the Material Design style.

Steps to Use Axure RP Material Design Widget Library

1. Open Axure RP 10 or 9.

2. Download the Axure RP Material Design widget library and import it into Axure RP.

3. Browse and select suitable Material Design elements from the widget library.

4. Drag and drop the elements onto the canvas to build interface prototypes.

5. Edit and customize element styles and interaction effects as needed.

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