Introduction on Flow charts, UML, and Swimlanes, creating them using Axure

We will learn how to create flowcharts and swimlane diagrams using Axure. Additionally, I will introduce commonly used UML diagrams.

A flow chart is like a map that shows the steps to follow to complete a task or solve a problem. It uses different shapes and arrows to guide us through the process. It's kind of like a game where you have to follow the right path to reach the end. Flow charts help us understand how things work and make it easier to remember what to do next.

UML is not very suitable for product management, but it is well-suited for programming purposes. It has two main types, which are structure diagrams and behavioral diagrams. Now, let me briefly introduce these diagrams.

A swimlane diagram is an upgraded version of a flowchart. It incorporates departments or roles, where each swimlane represents a department, facilitating logical analysis and collaboration across departments.

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