Common Navigation and Layout Design for Mobile and Desktop: 15.Search Bar

Search bar navigation is a type of navigation that incorporates a search bar as a central element for users to search for specific content or information.

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The main features of search bar navigation are as follows:

· Central search element: The search bar is prominently placed in the navigation area, making it easily accessible for users to perform searches.

· Input field for search queries: Users can enter keywords or phrases related to the content they are looking for in the search input field.
Search button or icon: Users can click on the search button or icon to initiate the search and retrieve relevant search results.

· Contextual relevance: The search results are tailored to the specific website or application, providing users with relevant content based on their search queries.

· Enhanced discoverability: Search bar navigation allows users to quickly find specific content or information without the need to navigate through multiple pages or menus.

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